International Symposium

Arts and Sciences for Global Leaders:
 Higher Education in an Age of Global Mobility

Date and time
Nov. 20,2014 2:00-5:40p.m.
Hitotsubashi Hall; Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Map

Admission Free. English-Japanese simultaneous translation available.
  In the current globalized and knowledge-based society, well-rounded individuals with flexibility and adaptability to the ever-changing environment are in demand. Arts and Sciences education has been a subject of increased focus in Britain and other countries with advanced higher education systems as a means to develop such competencies.
  In the age of global mobility, what do society and industries expect of university education? What goals do leading overseas universities set to prepare their students for the changing global landscape and how do they put them into practice? What have they learned from their experiences?
  This Symposium brings together top executives from Japan’s finance and arts communities and representatives from universities with the highest reputation to address the above questions and to explore how universities can respond to society's requirements in human resources development and increase society's trust in them.
Chair : Yukari Matsuzuka   (Professor, Deputy Director of Mori Arinori Center for        
Higher Education and Global Mobility, Hitotsubashi University)
【Opening Remarks】
Susumu Yamauchi   (President, Hitotsubashi University)2:00 - 2:10p.m.
【Session 1】
Teisuke Kitayama   (Chairman of the Board, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)
  “The Quest for Global Talent and What Companies Expect from a University Education” 2:10 - 2:40p.m.
【Session 2】
Tamotsu Aoki   (Director General, The National Art Center, Tokyo)
  “University and Culture in the Age of Globalization” 2:40 - 3:10p.m.

  —  Break  —3:10 - 3:20p.m.
【Session 3】
Frances Cairncross   (Rector Emeritus, Exeter College, Oxford University)
  “Appropriate Education for the World's Youth: the Challenge for the World's Universities”3:20 - 3:50p.m.
【Session 4】
Carl Gombrich   (Director, Arts and Sciences Programme, University College London)
  “Liberal Education in a Complex World: The Challenge of being Open”3:50 - 4:20p.m.

  —  Break  —4:20 - 4:30p.m.
【Panel Discussion】
Chair : Yoshiko Ashiwa   (Professor, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University)4:30 - 5:40p.m. Panelists:
 Teisuke Kitayama, Tamotsu Aoki, Frances Cairncross, Carl Gombrich,
 Mayumo Inoue (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Language and Society,Hitotsubashi University),
 György Nováky (Professor, Uppsala University/Mori Arinori Center for Higher Education and Global Mobility,Hitotsubashi Univ.)